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Uncertain of where you stand after an accident or stuck on how to progress your claim?
Contact TAMMS and you are immediately in contact with a nation-wide team of experienced accident managers supported by a leading network of automotive suppliers, repairers and partners, and connected by a state of the art customer service system.
With so much information and expertise at their fingertips, you’ll find no task is too great or detail too small for our dedicated team. You couldn’t find a better partner to help with your accident management needs.

Accident Management

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    Dedicated to managing the entire accident process

    At TAMMS, your accident manager is your single point helping you get back on the road and back to normal as soon as possible after an accident.

    Personal Guidance

    • Dedicated claims manager who knows you by name backed by decades of industry experience
    • Ready with knowledge and guidance from the moment you have an accident
    • Monitoring every step of the accident management process
    • After hours service, subject to availability
    • Priority access to a nationwide fleet of loan cars, leading smash repairers and specialist legal partners
    • Not at fault? Our services are at no cost to you

    Claim Management

    • Following a collision with another vehicle, our accident managers can coordinate services to get you back on the road faster
    • We can guide you through the details and 3rd party information you need to capture to avoid making an insurance claim and expedite the recovery process
    • We manage the claim process, protecting your rights, ensuring no entitlement is missed and no service is under-utilised

    Replacement Vehicles

    • Priority access to Australia’s largest vehicle replacement fleet
    • Able to arrange a loan car straight away, and in some cases, have it delivered to wherever you need it (even the collision site) within the hour
    • Specialising in like-for-like loan cars, often the newer or upgraded version of what you already drive
      (subject to availability)
    • Collection of the accident loan car from your home, office or repair centre, once your repaired car is ready

    Repair Management

    • Immediate appointment of a repairer through our national preferred repairer network or a dedicated TAMMS Repair Centre
    • Ongoing repair monitoring to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard in the most optimal time-frame
    • Real-time repair status updates provided to you throughout the process so you always feel informed and in control

    Cost Recovery

    • We work with the at fault driver or their insurer to recover any loss suffered as a result of the collision at no cost to you
    • This includes, but not limited to, the cost of repairs, a loan car and any other cost incurred as a result of the collision
    • Any costs that are recovered on your behalf, will be paid directly to your service provider to ensure a hassle free experience

    Quality Assurance

    • Independent industry professionals and damage assessors
    • Leading loan car partner
    • Leading repair center partners
    • Collection and delivery of vehicles

    At TAMMS, our mission is to ensure every Australian can have ongoing confidence in their vehicle, and the convenience and comfort that it brings, even after an accident.

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    Need support? Our nation-wide team is supported by leading automotive suppliers.


    TAMMS can provide advice or arrange for your vehicle to be towed when it’s convenient for you.


    TAMMS finds the best smash repairer and manages the entire repair process.


    TAMMS has priority access to Australia’s largest fleet of like-for-like loan cars.

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