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Had an accident and don’t know your rights or entitlements? TAMMS will look after you.
Our expert accident managers know the claims management process inside-out and from end-to-end. They can help you arrange a loan car (at no cost to you) and have leading partners in smash repairs to call on.
Whether you’re not at fault and want your accident fully managed, or are self-insured and need help expediting repairs and containing costs, you’ll be better off with TAMMS on your side.

Just had an accident?

First, be safe! Then contact TAMMS. We can help with compiling accurate accident details to submit to an insurance provider and reduce investigation time.

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Do you know your rights? TAMMS does.

If you’re not at fault in a car accident with another insured party, you have the right to an accident loan car at no cost to you. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
Simply contact TAMMS, and if you qualify for an accident loan car, we will provide you with a car as close to yours as possible as soon as possible and we will recover the rental costs from the at fault party insurer on your behalf.
We manage the whole process. From the moment you’re in a bingle to the moment you take possession of your repaired vehicle (or a pay out in the instance of the car being deemed a total loss) our team is there to support your right to drive.
You are not liable for any rental costs provided you act in accordance with the terms and conditions of our agreement and assist us in our recovery process. Plus, if the at fault driver (or driver’s insurance provider) does not honor their obligations, we will conduct legal proceedings in your name to ensure your rights are served.*

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When it comes to accident management, TAMMS is with you every step of the way

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Got questions? TAMMS knows the claims management process inside-out.


Need support? Our nation-wide team is supported by leading automotive suppliers.


TAMMS can arrange for your vehicle to be towed when it’s convenient for you


TAMMS finds the best smash repairer and manages the entire repair process


TAMMS has priority access to Australia’s largest fleet of like-for-like loan cars.

Not at fault? TAMMS' services may be free

Not at fault?
TAMMS' services may be free

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