Wouldn’t it be easier to use my own insurance company?

An insurance company is interested in keeping their costs down, which often is a consideration when they are allocating your vehicle to a repairer. TAMMS, on the other hand, will allocate hand picked, independent repairers with great reviews to undertake the repair work outside of an insurance network.

What is accident management?

Accident Management is the centralised management of a motorist’s claim following a road traffic collision. It is an intermediary service that assists drivers in getting back on the road quickly and relieves the stress of going through the claims process alone. Costs associated with the repair, hire car and recovery process are worn by the […]

Can I have the same colour car?

The replacement car booking team at Right2Drive will advise the delivering branch that you have a colour preference, and they will do their best to provide it for you.

What does like for like vehicle mean?

“Like for like” means an equivalent vehicle to your vehicle that was involved in the not at fault accident. If we don’t have something similar available, we’ll discuss alternatives with you to ensure the loan car suits your needs and lifestyle.

What is an accident loan car?

An accident loan car, or “accident replacement vehicle,” is a car provided to not at fault drivers involved in an accident by credit hire businesses such as Right2Drive. Accident loan cars can be used while the damaged vehicle is being repaired or settlement of total loss is confirmed. The cost of an accident loan car […]

Why should I choose TAMMS?

TAMMS stands for ‘Total Accident & Mobility Management Services’ and are experts at managing your accident from start to finish. From getting your car fully repaired and back on the road to upholding your rights and getting your life back to normal, our team of accident management experts are dedicated to ensuring your experience after […]