How It Works

Our services are simple and convenient to use after you’ve been in a not at fault car accident.

How our service works

Simply follow the steps below so we can get you back on the road again.

Complete application
Get approval
Book replacement car
Start repairs

Let's start with your application...

The first step to making a not at fault accident claim with us is completing our online application. You’ll need to provide personal information such as your name and surname, email address, phone number, vehicle registration and accident date. You’ll also need to have details available about the accident scene and the at fault party.

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Depending on how much information you’re able to provide in the application form, we may require some additional details from you for your not at fault accident claim.

A TAMMS operator will be in contact with you to complete the initial application – so keep your phone handy!

We'll work to approve your not at fault accident claim as quickly as possible

We understand that you need to get back on the road quickly after a not at fault accident, and we aim to provide approval within 24 – 48 hours.

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At this stage of the process, we work on validating your file by making sure the accident wasn’t your fault.

What this means is that we’ll be calling the at fault party and their insurer, reviewing photos and making sure that the other party has lodged an insurance claim and is accepting liability.

Once your file has been validated, we’ll send you a document to sign. This is an authority to act and a claim form that you’ll need to sign before getting an accident replacement vehicle and/or before not at fault repairs can commence.

We'll get you back on the road in one of our accident replacement vehicles

We are proud to be able to offer eligible drivers an accident replacement vehicle through Right2Drive for the entire duration of their not at fault repairs – at no cost to them.

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Our access to an extensive vehicle fleet means that you won’t need to compromise on your lifestyle, but instead you can enjoy a vehicle that is fit for purpose.

We also provide pick up and drop off of the accident replacement vehicle at a time and place that suit you best.

Your not at fault repairs will be done to manufacturer's specifications

When you have your not at fault repairs arranged via TAMMS, you can count on the fact that they’ll be high-quality.

Our repairer network do the repairs to manufacturer’s specifications in state-of-the art-repair centres and will get your car looking as good as it did before your accident.