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The key to getting you back on the road and back to normal in your own car as soon as possible is by making the accident management process as seamless as possible. TAMMS arranges for your car to be repaired by a quality approved smash repairer and delivers you a near new like-for-like car to drive until yours is ready. It’s all super-easy. Still got questions? Our expert accident managers have answered some frequently asked questions below.

Accident Management is the centralised handling of a motorist’s claim following a road traffic collision. It is a cost-effective intermediary service that assists drivers in getting back on the road quickly and relieves the stresses of going through the claims process alone. Costs associated with the repair, hire car and recovery process are worn by the insurer of the ‘at fault’ driver.

TAMMS stands for ‘Total Accident & Mobility Management Services’ and are experts at managing your accident from start to finish. From getting your car fully repaired and back on the road to upholding your rights and getting your life back to normal, our team of accident management experts are dedicated to ensuring your experience after a vehicle collision is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our comprehensive solutions encompass a host of services including accident management, repairs, replacement cars and much more.
An insurance company is interested in keeping their costs down, which is a big consideration when they are allocating your vehicle to a repairer. TAMMS on the other hand will allocate hand picked, independent repairers with great reviews to undertake the repair work outside of an insurance network. 

All of the repairers in the TAMMS’ trusted repairer network provide a lifetime warranty on their work. We encourage you to look up our partners on Google and read their user reviews.

An accident loan car is also known as an accident replacement vehicle. These are cars provided to not at fault drivers involved in a multi-vehicle accident for use whilst the damaged vehicle is being repaired or notification of total loss is confirmed.
As long as you are upfront and honest within your application and you assist TAMMS with the recovery of costs from the at fault party / insurer, there is no cost to you. The cost for the repair itself is taken up with the at fault parties insurance company. 
Take plenty of photos, collect the at fault driver’s details including, their driver’s licence number, contact information, car registration and insurance information. Contact the police if necessary and call us on 1300 951 221.

If the accident was 100% your fault, contact TAMMS and we will step you through how to lodge a claim and to arrange your repair to be allocated to our repair centres.

If you don’t have an active insurance policy and believe you are not at fault in your accident then TAMMS may be able to assist, please reach out to one of our experts on 1300 951 221 and they will let you know to what extent we can assist.
We require the following information:
  • Your details, including driver’s licence number, car registration and insurance information
  • Copy of your physical drivers’ licence
  • The at fault party’s details, including car registration and insurance information
  • Details about the car accident.
  • Witness details (if applicable)

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