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Smash repairs

Choosing a smash repairer can be stressful. How do you know they will do a good job and after it is repaired, will you feel as confident in your vehicle as you did before your accident? Not to worry, TAMMS will help you find the best smash repairer for your car and oversee the entire repair process!
With TAMMS, damaged vehicles are always independently assessed and we have a nationwide repairer network focused on a high quality repair, not cost-cutting or volume targets.

Had an accident?

If your car needs repairing after an accident, or if it’s clear the damage will have to be repaired at a later date, contact TAMMS

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Independent Assessment

Unbiased damage and engineering assessments ensure your car is fully repaired

No Cost Cutting

We manage the repair to ensure high quality repairs without the ‘insurance targets’

Trusted Network

Choose from either a TAMMS Repair Centre or a TAMMS preferred repairer based on your location and availability

Like-for-like Loan Car

Not at fault? We deliver a loan car to your door at no cost to you; and we'll deal directly with the at fault driver’s insurer to recover costs

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Other services

When it comes to accident management, TAMMS is with you every step of the way

& Advice

Got questions? TAMMS knows the claims management process inside-out.


Need support? Our nation-wide team is supported by leading automotive suppliers.


TAMMS can arrange for your vehicle to be towed when it’s convenient for you


TAMMS has priority access to Australia’s largest fleet of like-for-like loan cars.

Other services

When it comes to accident management, TAMMS is with you every step of the way.

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