Car hire option on your insurance policy

When renewing your insurance policy, have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I really need the hire car option?”

If you answered yes, then you are not alone. Adding the hire car option to your insurance policy may add extra costs to your premium, which you may want to avoid.
Well we’ve got some good news which could help you weigh up your decision.

If you’re in a not at fault car accident, making a claim has little to do with your own insurance cover including if you have the optional hire car cover. Provided you have the at fault party’s insurance details, it’s the at fault party’s responsibility to make a claim with their insurer as they are legally liable for the losses suffered by the innocent party which includes you being able to access a loan car whilst your car is repaired or claim settled in cases where your car is a total loss.

Under Australian Law, if your vehicle has been damaged by no fault of your own, you may be entitled to an accident loan car whilst your car is repaired. Best of all, the rental costs are covered by the at fault party, so you don’t actually need the hire car option if you find yourself not at fault in a multi-vehicle car accident.

How you can get an accident loan car

When you apply to TAMMS for accident management assistance and are not at fault, you don’t need your insurance company to provide you with a loan car, you actually have the right to apply for an accident loan car from any provider you choose.

We are proud to partner with Right2Drive, Australia’s leading provider of accident loan cars who have already helped over 200,000 drivers get back on the road after a not at fault accident. Right2Drive will provide you with a car similar to your own, you won’t have to worry about the high insurance excess premiums you get with other rental companies because of their zero-insurance excess and on top of that, one of our TAMMS representatives will meet you at the repairer (or your workplace or home) to drop off you the car.

So when does it pay to have the hire car option with your insurance?

If you find yourself at fault in a car accident or damage has been made to your car and you are unable to identify who is at fault, this when the hire car option being included in your insurance policy comes in handy. This is because when you make a claim, you’re covered by your own insurance policy. Just take care, as exercising any option on your policy may affect your premium costs in the future.

If you’ve been involved in a not at fault accident, call TAMMS today on 1300 951 221. You never know when you may be in a car accident and it pays to get the right information at the accident scene.

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