What You Need To Know About Regular Car Services

Your car should regularly be checked by a professional to identify and fix any potential issues.

You may be wondering if you really need to take your car in for regular services, or if they’re just another thing taking up space on your to-do list.

What routine maintenance is required for a car?

Your car needs to be checked by a professional to identify any potential issues that may pose a risk to you and other drivers on the road. Something to keep in mind is that consumable items such as engine oil, oil filters, radiator coolant, brake pads, brake fluid, air filters and windscreen wiper blades need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis. Your tyres should also be looked at and rotated so that they wear as evenly as possible. In addition to this, your car may require mechanical maintenance to run smoothly. Ignoring these simple steps increases your risk of getting into an accident, especially if you’re driving on poorly maintained roads or during wet weather. By taking your car for routine maintenance, you can make sure that you and your passengers are travelling safely.

If your to-do list is already jam-packed, we can set up automatic reminders for your scheduled servicing at TAMMS Repair Centres, so it’s one fewer thing you need to worry about remembering.

How often should maintenance be done on a car?

You may be wondering how regularly you need to take your car in for a service. This varies depending on how old your car is, how much mileage it already has, and how far you drive it every day. If you’re driving an older car and commuting far to work and back home, you’ll need more regular car services than somebody with a newer car who is driving a shorter distance each day. Keep in mind that regular scheduled servicing is crucial to keep your car running for years to come.

If you’re planning on going on an extended road trip, make sure you have your vehicle booked in for a maintenance check before you go! Having car issues on your trip will not only ruin your holiday but could also leave you stranded in a remote or inaccessible location. Plus, there’s the added cost of towing and repairs.

Make sure you take your car in for a service before you take a road trip!

Is it necessary to service my car every year?

Yes! Most car manufacturers recommend taking your car in for a professional service every 6 months or 10,000km, whichever comes first. Again, this may differ depending on the age of your car and how much you’re using it. A huge benefit of regular car maintenance is that when your car runs well, it’s less likely to guzzle fuel. If you’re not having your oil changed on a regular basis, your engine will become dirty and will have to work harder every time you drive. What this means is that you’ll be using more fuel, which can be expensive over time. But with regular car maintenance, you’ll achieve better fuel economy, and your vehicle will run a lot more smoothly.

What happens if I don’t service my car?

A car service is an opportunity to have your car checked and make sure that you can resolve any minor issues your vehicle may have before they cause major problems for you or other drivers on the road. In the long run, having regular car services can save you money since a small repair may mean not having to replace an entire part. For example, not rotating your tyres regularly will lead to you needing a new set much sooner than expected.

For more tips on car maintenance and servicing, make sure you take a look here.

Most car manufacturers recommend a service every 6 months or 10,000km.

How can maintaining my car help save me money in the long run?

There are a host of benefits to maintaining your car and having it serviced regularly. And, the best news is, all of these will save you time and money in the long run by:

  • Improving the safety of your vehicle.
  • Extending the lifespan of your vehicle.
  • Preventing any road trip disasters.
  • Improving your vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • Avoiding major problems and the need for major repairs in the longer term.

Our team of experts at TAMMS Repair Centres knows exactly what is required by the major dealerships to maintain your servicing and warranty, but at non-dealership prices. We can complete your logbook requirements without voiding your warranty. Be sure to get in touch with us and book your car in for a service!

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