Chris from Hallam chose TAMMS for our expertise

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Chris was driving to work in his Toyota Rav 4 and was hit from behind by another vehicle. After exchanging the necessary details, Chris called TAMMS for their expert advice and to assist in managing the end-to-end accident process for him.

Jess from TAMMS quickly ran through her checklist over the phone and confirmed that Chris was not the at fault driver in this incident, as well as confirming that Chris’s car remained safe to drive. Since Chris’s car was still safe to drive, he carried on with his day while Jess organised a time for repairs on Chris’s Rav 4.

A couple of days later a TAMMS representative met Chris at his home to take his car for repairs. While leaving a Right2Drive Rav 4 with Chris so he could get on with his normal routine. The following week Chris received a call & an email from Jess at TAMMS letting him know repairs on his car were complete and he requested it be delivered to his office the following day.

As agreed, the car was delivered to his office the next morning and to his delight it looked as good as it did before the accident (maybe a touch better).

He handed back the keys to the Right2Drive vehicle, signed the necessary documentation and carried on with his working day as if the accident never happened. And of course, the repairs and loan car were at no cost to him.

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