What are some of the reasons that I may not be eligible?

Some of the reasons you will not be eligible include: you don’t have the at fault driver’s details you advise us upfront that the at fault driver is not insured you are the at fault party the at fault driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol the accident happened due to a medical […]

Are there any restrictions to booking an accident replacement vehicle?

Drivers are required to hold a current and valid learner, provisional, or full driver’s licence. Please note: Learner or Provisional licence holders are subject to our prior approval. You will also be required to satisfy criteria in respect to insurance, driving record and physical & mental capacity, as detailed in the agreement. Fill out an […]

What if the at fault driver doesn’t have an insurance policy?

Unfortunately, if you’re aware the at fault driver does not have insurance, in this instance, we won’t be able to help you with an accident replacement vehicle or not at fault repairs. Please get in touch with your own insurer for assistance. In some circumstances, we will pursue the at fault driver who is liable […]