How TAMMS helped Ella from Sunnybank

Ella was driving home in her BMW X3 after dinner with friends, when she was hit side on by another vehicle. After examining the damage, exchanging details, and establishing fault, Ella realised her car was in bad shape. She wasn’t sure if it was safe to drive, so she called TAMMS to get on the spot expert advice and to help manage the situation.

In just a few minutes on the phone, Mark from TAMMS had worked through the qualification process with Ella. Once it was clear Ella was not at fault and her car was unsafe to drive, Mark organised a tow truck as well as a brand new BMW X4 via Right2Drive to the scene of the accident. Both arrived within the hour.

Ella was able to drive the Right2Drive vehicle home and continue on with her day without interruption. Ella’s car was taken to one of TAMMS’ trusted repairers where it was assessed to be repaired.

As Ella’s vehicle was repairable, repairs commenced on her vehicle while Ella continued to use her Right2Drive replacement vehicle without interruption.

About a week later Ella received a call & an email from the team at TAMMS, providing her with updates on how repairs were progressing on her vehicle and notified her of the likely repair timeline.

A couple of weeks after the incident, Ella was given a call by a TAMMS representative, notifying her that her vehicle would be ready on Thursday at 4pm. Ella chose to pick up her car from the Repair Centre rather than have it delivered to her and arrived at the Repair Centre for her vehicle inspection and swap over of the Right2Drive loan car for her car. She was ecstatic with the quality of the repairs and handed back the keys to the Right2Drive vehicle. She signed the necessary documentation and was on her way. All at no cost to her, thanks to TAMMS.

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