What to Do after a Not at Fault Car Accident

Regardless of the severity, there is no upside to a car accident. What is recognised as one of the most dreadful experiences is only followed by more stress. Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with, and the tied financial burdens can make an already bad situation even worse. Thankfully, the burden lessens if you were not at fault in the accident
Still, navigating the not at fault car accident claim process can be daunting for many. Fortunately, our experienced team of recoveries specialists are here to help. Adding no cost to you, TAMMS will guide you through the process, dealing with all parties on your behalf. Before calling your insurance company, save money, time, and stress by calling TAMMS.
Below, you can find a breakdown of the car insurance claims process, from accident to getting your vehicle back.

Making a Claim

Following a not at fault car accident, you will need to collect and retain some information before proceeding with a claim.

  • If the accident was severe, call the police. The safety of everyone involved in the accident takes precedence over everything else. If the accident was serious enough, don’t hesitate to contact the police. The accompanying police report will help with the upcoming car insurance claim.
  • Collect information about the accident. Once everyone is confirmed to be safe, you should start collecting information. Record the name, contact number, address, vehicle registration, license number, and insurance provider of the at fault driver. Along with information about the other driver, write down or recount the location and events leading to the accident. If the police are involved, you should also get a copy of the police report. Additionally, if you can, taking photos and video of the accident scene can also provide valuable evidence to your car insurance claim.
  • Call TAMMS at 1300 951 221. Avoid raising your insurance premiums and talk to TAMMS first. Our team specialises in not at fault car insurance claims and will be able to navigate through all the hoops required to get your car repaired. There is no cost to you as long as you are not at fault in a multi car accident.


Following consultation with TAMMS, we will take on the duties of managing your car insurance claim for you. TAMMS offers total accident & mobility management services, allowing you to relax while we figure everything out on your behalf.

Getting Back on the Road

Depending on the damage done to your vehicle, it could be a while before the necessary repairs can be made. Even if critical engine components were spared of damage, body panel repair could take a few days. However, you won’t be left without wheels. Under Australian Law, you are legally entitled to be put back into the position you were in prior to the multi vehicle collision. Therefore, the at fault party or their insurance will be responsible for covering the costs of your temporary replacement vehicle.

Whether your car is in a drivable condition or not, TAMMS will handle it all while you recover. If your vehicle can be driven, we will collect your damaged vehicle and take it to the repair shop. At the time of collection, we will leave you with one of our partners accident replacement cars. Whether it’s your home, place of work, or a place that’s simply convenient to you, we will be happy to meet you there with your temporary loan car.

If your car can’t be driven, no worries. We will take care of transporting your disabled vehicle to a repair shop whilst leaving you with an accident replacement vehicle from our trusted partner, Right2Drive. As always, there will be no costs to you.


Once you are in your loan car, you are free to continue about your business without worry. From this point on, TAMMS will begin processing your claim. Our large team of not at fault accident claim specialists will start liaising with all relevant parties. We will handle speaking to any witnesses, insurers, and repair specialists. Our goal is to make sure your car insurance claim and repair go off without a hitch. Along the way, we will continuously provide you with updates, keeping you in the loop.
Under Australian Law, we will be able to recover the costs associated with the vehicle repair from the at fault party. In rare cases, you might need to appear in court as a witness. However, don’t be alarmed, as this happens in less than 2% of cases.
Once the insurers have accepted the claim, repair work can begin on your car. As previously stated, depending on the severity of damage to your vehicle, this could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks as parts come in.


While repairs are taking place, you are free to use your loaned car as needed. Once your vehicle is ready for pickup, TAMMS can continue to make your days easier. TAMMS will both deliver your newly repaired vehicle and return your loaned car on your behalf.

Unfortunately, sometimes a damaged car may be deemed a total loss. If the estimated price to fix is more than the car’s actual worth, insurers don’t see value from a repair. If that’s deemed the case, you will have to return the loaned vehicle and request a payout instead. TAMMS will handle both, ensuring you receive enough to cover a replacement vehicle purchase.

What Is a Not At Fault Car Accident?

As the name implies, a not at fault accident is an accident that did not result from an error on your part. Short of the secondary driver admitting that it was their fault, our team of recovery specialists will have to rely solely on evidence. This can include dashcam footage, photos, eyewitness accounts, and police reports. Sometimes the nature of the accident itself can identify the at fault party. For instance, if a vehicle is rear-ended, typically, the driver who crashed into the vehicle’s rear will be considered at fault. The team at TAMMS will help determine if you were at fault and the following steps to take.

As a not at fault driver, all of your expenses, such as repairs and a loaner vehicle, come at no cost to you.

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