What to Do after a Not at Fault Car Accident

Regardless of the severity, there is no upside to a car accident. What is recognised as one of the most dreadful experiences is only followed by more stress. Insurance companies are a nightmare to deal with, and the tied financial burdens can make an already bad situation even worse. Thankfully, the burden lessens if you […]

Safe Driving

Using Australian roads is an inescapable aspect of many Australian’s lives. With the vastness of Australia, these roads can present a wide range of shapes and conditions. Driving through urban streets in the middle of the day won’t be the same as going through rural areas in the middle of the night. You have to […]

Car Accident Not Your Fault? Know Your Rights

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, and for some, dealing with their car insurance company can be the worst part. While insurance companies should have your best interests in mind, that may not always be the case when filing a car insurance claim. Before getting into your specific insurance policy details, there are […]